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15 Years Since Mick Foley Got Thrown Off the Hell in a Cell Cage by The Undertaker

I’ve nearly stopped paying attention to everything happening in the WWE anymore but this match will never be forgotten. Even the most casual of wrestling fans will remember this match from King Of The Ring back in 1998. It was beyond insane. Mick Foley (Mankind) has gone through way too much shit in his wrestling career and I haven’t stopped respecting him after this match. The fact that this happened 15 years ago also makes me feel old. This was also a year before 1999 that had the Attitude Era at its peak. Good times.

Jim Guthrie’s first album in 10 years

For those who don’t know, I’ve been a huge Jim Guthrie fan since I first heard his soundtrack from #sworcery. I also love his Indie Game : The Movie soundtrack that can be heard here. He most recently did amazing music for one set of stages in the PSN game Sound Shapes. You can stream one song from his upcoming album, “The Rest is Yet to Come” on the CBC website. The album features artwork by Cory Schmitz who has done way too much good stuff here.

The album will be released digitally and also on CD and Vinyl on May 7th. I can’t wait to preorder it. If you enjoyed the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack, you should thank Jim on twitter.

Minecraft : The Story Of Mojang

Saying I was into LEGO as a kid would be an understatement. LEGO was always amazing and I can’t imagine not having spent hours building stuff with LEGO bricks. I even went to LEGOLAND once. It is really sad to see them resort to just movie franchise stuff now. The imagination is gone for the most part. LEGO right now is in the same state as physical books. The difference being Minecraft will soon replace LEGO completely. Minecraft is the LEGO of today.

I just watched Minecraft : The Story of Mojang last night and it blew my mind. The amount of time being spent with Minecraft in schools for educational purposes is amazing. It is a great creative outlet for everyone. I’m glad there is a modern replacement for LEGO for the current generation. Just spend 5 minutes on google searching for Minecraft creations and you will see what teamwork online can do. People have created functioning ALUs and the Starship Enterprise to scale in Minecraft. I look forward to playing Minecraft being extremely late to the party as usual.

Thank you 2 Player Productions and Mojang for this documentary and Minecraft. You can buy it here or download it on The Pirate Bay here. 2 Player Productions has uploaded it to The Pirate Bay for reasons stated on the torrent page. It is a very bold move and I fully approve.

iTunes Music and Films Are Now Available in India

9to5Mac posted about iTunes Music going live in Turkey and Lebanon about 5 hours ago ahead of the iTunes event in Russia. I’m beyond excited because Music and Films are now available in India as well. The pricing is great. Songs are about $0.22-$0.27 (12-15 rupees) each. Films are available to rent in HD for $2.2 (120 rupees) and to buy in HD for $9 (490 rupees). Unfortunately paid books aren’t available here as yet. One step at a time.

It is good to see Apple pricing their media here sensibly. Flyte by Flipkart has similar prices and only allows you to download your songs 3-4 times and many songs don’t have proper tags and artwork. Buying on iTunes is a much better deal with no download limit and proper tagging with album artwork. iTunes Match is live at 1200 rupees a year Go ahead and launch that previously useless iTunes App on your iOS device and enjoy yourself. The catalogue is pretty great right now. Also you can finally use Recall in India now.

Pink Floyd’s Discovery Box available for under $14 digitally

Flipkart’s Flyte MP3 store has had quite a few good deals going on in the last few weeks. This is by far the best one. You can get 149 Pink Floyd tracks (320kbps) for less than $14* (Rs.709) legally today only. I already have the albums on vinyl and CD but if you’re a Pink Floyd fan and want their music, there is no cheaper way of obtaining almost every song of theirs legally.

Flyte also has some other deals on EMI artists like Coldplay. They also have apps for iOS and Android that let you download the songs directly to your device.

*As of now Flyte MP3s are only available in India.

But the iPad is only a content consumption device right?

Ever since the iPad 1 was launched, some people have labelled it a content consumption device only. I think they say that because the platforms they use have basically no tablet apps barring a few social networking applications and media players. The Apogee Jam has been around for a while. It lets you connect any guitar to your iOS device or Mac with a high quality interface for use with Garageband. It is flexible and great for people who already have guitars. Garageband is unmatched in its abilities on tablets. The Squier USB Stratocaster launched by Fender is not only inexpensive ($200 for the guitar and USB to 30 pin dock wire) but also a great first guitar for anyone with an iOS device. I can picture this with an iPod touch under many christmas trees this year. The Fender Squier USB Stratocaster is available exclusively in Apple Stores.