Minecraft : The Story Of Mojang

Saying I was into LEGO as a kid would be an understatement. LEGO was always amazing and I can’t imagine not having spent hours building stuff with LEGO bricks. I even went to LEGOLAND once. It is really sad to see them resort to just movie franchise stuff now. The imagination is gone for the most part. LEGO right now is in the same state as physical books. The difference being Minecraft will soon replace LEGO completely. Minecraft is the LEGO of today.

I just watched Minecraft : The Story of Mojang last night and it blew my mind. The amount of time being spent with Minecraft in schools for educational purposes is amazing. It is a great creative outlet for everyone. I’m glad there is a modern replacement for LEGO for the current generation. Just spend 5 minutes on google searching for Minecraft creations and you will see what teamwork online can do. People have created functioning ALUs and the Starship Enterprise to scale in Minecraft. I look forward to playing Minecraft being extremely late to the party as usual.

Thank you 2 Player Productions and Mojang for this documentary and Minecraft. You can buy it here or download it on The Pirate Bay here. 2 Player Productions has uploaded it to The Pirate Bay for reasons stated on the torrent page. It is a very bold move and I fully approve.