I never thought I’d get annoyed by anything more than blind fanboys who don’t even use their own “hero” platform properly. By properly I mean they just use the stock apps which is a waste anyway. You’ve probably read at least one post on how someone “switched” to another platform and has finally “seen the light”. My problem is not with someone using another mobile or desktop operating system. It is in the aftermath.

It starts with the blogpost that almost always begins with a “I used to be a _____ fanboy and have been using their products since before your grandparents were born so my opinion is supposed to be more important than anything!”. I get that there’s freedom of speech and people are allowed to express their opinions but it has come to the point where this shit has annoyed me into writing this post. The posts usually go on to highlight flaws in their previously loved platform which were justified earlier obviously because “MY PLATFORM IS BEST PLATFORM”. It usually doesn’t end here. People will always try and justify purchases made because they spent their hard earned money on something. This is where the overcompensation begins. You start to see more posts and tweets with stuff like “By golly I just got 2 months of battery life on a single charge and my phone repaired my car last week!”. This stuff is more annoying than a close talker. Please stop doing it for the love of whoever the CEO is of your favourite company right now.

Yes. You want to think your purchase was justified and is a great deal. Enjoy your new device. Everyone should try out other platforms if possible. I learnt that in the last few years. Don’t stoop lower than a sponsored journalist “reviewing” products. Congrats on deciding to try something new. Keep it in your pants next time.