But the iPad is only a content consumption device right?

Ever since the iPad 1 was launched, some people have labelled it a content consumption device only. I think they say that because the platforms they use have basically no tablet apps barring a few social networking applications and media players. The Apogee Jam has been around for a while. It lets you connect any guitar to your iOS device or Mac with a high quality interface for use with Garageband. It is flexible and great for people who already have guitars. Garageband is unmatched in its abilities on tablets. The Squier USB Stratocaster launched by Fender is not only inexpensive ($200 for the guitar and USB to 30 pin dock wire) but also a great first guitar for anyone with an iOS device. I can picture this with an iPod touch under many christmas trees this year. The Fender Squier USB Stratocaster is available exclusively in Apple Stores.